Neo The Leftie

Who am I ?

I am Neo. 

I am a dramatization of a real character. I’m an ex Radiohead fan and a new Roger Waters admirer. I would like to spend my golden years on a sailboat in the mediterranean. I like to make money with art and clean business. I also like to spend it all quickly.

I am not a real leftie. I’m Like Tofu. I subscribe to no party or club, I couldn’t even go through the first chapter of “Das Capital”, but i tend to agree with the majority of the self described socialists out there. I’m a Chomsky fan, i have a secret crush on Naomi Klein and Clare Daly and i can’t walk my dog without listening to Chris Hedges. Now I quack like a leftie.

I embody the social, psychological and spiritual shift that millions around the world are experiencing. Just like everyone, I am trying to make sense of these WTF times. 

Here, I do it one product, one statement at a time. 

a little on the " new Left "